Temple of St. Stephen by G. Vasari, Pozzo della Chiana (Arezzo).
Interior, tryptych by O. Porta. Lightning struck the altarpiece on January 25, 1972. The left panel was knocked off its hinges, fell to the ground and broke into many pieces. About 150 fragments were recovered, but 30% of the original material was irremediably lost.

Temple of St. Stephen, 1572, Pozzo della Chiana (Arezzo)

Interior of the temple after the lightning strike

Group of fragments of the first panel of the tryptych by O. Porta

The reconstruction of the support was particularly difficult and was carried out in collaboration with the wood restorer Roberto Saccuman (robertosaccuman@libero.it). The most up-to-date technologies were used in this phase: mechanical, such as high-precision routers; vacuum technique; new materials and chemical products, such as synthetic thermoplastic fillers. The fragments were recomposed and glued to a new synthetic support; all the materials used are easily and completely reversible.

Positioning of the fragments on a reference photograph

Fragments of the hand positioned on a reference photograph

The hand after reconstruction of the support

The hand after restoration

The plasters

After the restoration

The whole tryptych after the restoration

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